Rec in a Box

Rec in a Box Web Cover

Looking for some at home family fun? Host a Family Olympics! Registration for our next Rec in a Box is  open on November 2nd. 

This Family Olympics in a Box includes signs and instructions for Olympic games, gold medal snack supplies, Olympic torch craft supplies, Olympic medals, and access to a Facebook event page where you can get more ideas and post pictures of your family’s Olympic Games. 

Boxes are $15 each and we are offering free delivery to La Porte addresses. 

Don’t live in La Porte? No worries, you can pick up your box at the Recreation and Fitness Center. 

Boxes are limited! Register online at or by visiting the La Porte Recreation & Fitness Center. 

For more information, please contact Kayla Baez at (281) 245-5266 or email

Registration will close on Wednesday, November 18.

Pickup and Delivery will be on Friday, November 20.