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Census Data for the City of La Porte

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About La Porte
The City of La Porte is home to the San Jacinto Monument and Battleground for Texas’ Independence, is also the center of the 2nd largest petro-chemical/refining complex in the world and gateway to the Houston Ship Channel. Technological advances are attracting bills of new industrial investments in the City. These advances include:
  • Expanding the Panama Canal
  • Expanding the Port of Houston’s Barbour’s Cut and Bayport Terminals
  • Fracking and extracting natural gas
  • Opening of the Houston Bayport Cruise Terminal
New Retail & Restaurant Development
La Porte is fortunate to attract so much industrial trade and investment, daytime employment, high average household incomes, and tourism. It suffers, however, from a lack of new retail and restaurant development. La Porte epitomizes the backbone of the resurging U.S. economy.

The citizens of La Porte are hard-working people with good incomes in a solid, diverse economy that is slated to grow for generations to come. 
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