New Retail & Restaurant Development

Seeking Development Opportunities
The City of La Porte has a solid, diverse economy that:
  • Attracts billions of dollars in industrial trade and investment,
  • Maintains a daytime employment of 154,000
  • Boasts a high average household income of $72,000
  • Provides access to over 6 million tourists
Even with this solid foundation, the City of La Porte suffers from a lack of new retail, restaurant, and/or mixed use development.

The City of La Porte is seeking opportunities to discuss new retail and restaurant developments with prospective retailers and developers. A variety of financial incentives are available to encourage new retail development in La Porte.

Potential Site Locations

Dozens of sites ranging in size from fewer than 5 acres to more than 200 acres, include:
  • City sites on Galveston Bay
  • Sites with frontage on Bay Area Boulevard
  • Sites with frontage on Broadway
  • Sites with frontage on Fairmont Parkway
  • Sites with frontage on Spencer Highway
  • Sites with frontage on State Highway 146
  • The City's 300-acre municipal airport
For More information
For specific, available site information and demographics, please visit the Retail Attraction page.