Sponsorship Drive

The La Porte Adoption Center and Animal Shelter is inviting citizens, families, and business leaders in our community to support these important efforts to make our community safer, while also raising awareness of the positive contribution of pets in our lives.
New Facility Features
The new location for the center, located at 10901 Spencer Highway (West Main Street) in La Porte, has been chosen for its accessibility and easy access for all La Porte citizens, as well as surrounding communities whose families may be seeking a new best friend.

The new facility will have 32 dog runs with a separate quarantine and isolation area, as well as 66 cat cages-36 of them being designed for adoption. The new shelter will have a Get Acquainted Room for potential adopters to meet the animals to see if they will be a good fit into their homes.
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Additional Information
If you have any questions about the sponsorships, desire to contribute or volunteer, or would like more info about the new facility, please contact Clarence Anderson at the shelter at 281-471-3810.