Main Street Decorative Lighting


Budget Expenditures Encumbrances
 Budget Remaining
 Fiscal Year 14-15
 Total  $25,000      $25,000

Project Description:
This project will fund the installation of light strands across Main Street. The lighting is designed to create a festive ambiance for Main Street and catch the eye of potential shoppers, tourists, and other visitors such as cruise travelers, that may not be familiar with the area to see what La Porte has to offer. The funding here is for a test phase for a small section along Main Street to determine if it will be feasible to expand to incorporate the full stretch of Main Street from SH 146 to Broadway. Funding for this project is provided by a transfer from the Hotel Motel Fund.

Future Operating Impact:

Electrical costs will be associated with this project; however, staff is looking at alternative power options, such as solar panels.

First Quarter 14-15
Staff met with a company regarding what the city is looking for in the way of lighting on Main Street. The company is currently putting together a proposal regarding the different options that would be possible.

Second Quarter 14-15
Staff is waiting on the proposal from the company with their plan for the lighting.