Water Tower SCADA


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 12-13

Fiscal Year 13-14


Fiscal Year 14-15



Project Description
Pump control from the 4th Street and Fairmont water towers to various booster plants is currently provided by telephone line at a cost of approximately $1,250 per month. All of the booster plants currently have wireless (radio) SCADA communications for monitoring booster plan processes. The installation of wireless SCADA at the 4th Street and Fairmont towers would eliminate the need for the telephone communications. The return on investments would be approximately 2.5 years. Life expectancy of the SCADA system is approximately 15 years.

First Quarter FY 14-15
Requested proposal to develop maintenance and repair contract from Shrader Engineering.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
Requested a proposal from Verizon Wireless for upgrade in current equipment.