Recoat Interior of S. 4th Street Elevated Tank


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 13-14

Fiscal Year 14-15



Project Description
The engineer’s evaluation completed in 2012 indicated that the interior coating of the S. 4th Street elevated tank is in need of replacement. This project includes engineering and construction to sandblast the interior, and apply an epoxy coating system. The project also includes over-coating the exterior with acrylic paint to extend the life of the existing epoxy paint. The interior and
exterior of the tank was last coated with epoxy in 1995; the exterior was last over-coated with acrylic in 2006.

First Quarter FY 14-15
Contract awarded to Utility Service Company. Project is 20 perfect completed.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
Project is completed.