Construct Street & Utility Improvements


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 13-14

Fiscal Year 14-15

NOTE: This project does not roll forward each year. A new amount is budgeted each year.

Project Description
This project includes complete street removal, base repairs, storm sewer improvements, and replacement of water and sewer lines. Catlett, Belfast, Pineybrook, and Scotchmoss are identified as design only this year to establish a defined construction cost.

Phase 1 (design) was approved by City Council in FY14. Phase 2 (construction) includes removal and reconstruction of the existing concrete pavement, drive aprons, associated drainage improvements, and sidewalk.

First Quarter FY 14-15
Staff and consultant reviewed drainage design alternatives in first quarter. 60% plans received early second quarter.

Second Quarter FY 14-15
Staff and consultant is working on exhibits/details for the public meeting tentatively scheduled for late May.