Northside Community Plan


Budget Expenditures
Encumbrances Budget Remaining
Fiscal Year 01-02

Fiscal Year 02-03

Fiscal Year 03-04

Fiscal Year 04-05


Fiscal Year 05-06
Fiscal Year 06-07
Fiscal Year 07-08
$100,000 $23,394    
Fiscal Year 08-09
Fiscal Year 09-10
Fiscal Year 10-11
Fiscal Year 11-12
Fiscal Year 12-13
Fiscal Year 13-14
Fiscal Year 14-15
Total $320,000 $298,217   $21,783

Project Description

The City’s newly adopted 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the newly adopted Northside Neighborhood Plan goals charge the City to do the following among other things: 
  • Consider to revitalize and rehabilitate existing housing where needed.
  • Encourage the rehabilitation or replacement of substandard housing.
  • Stabilize and improve the quality of neighborhoods and other areas in decline by attracting renewed private investment activity.
  • Develop a visionary, community-based system to direct actions toward building a strong economic base for new businesses and jobs together with affordable housing initiatives. 

First Quarter FY 14-15

Northside Spray park construction has been awarded. Grant announcement was made in December for Historic LPISD Colored School. Final design for has been awarded for the School rebuild. 

Second Quarter FY 14-15

Northside Spray park construction contract has been let and is now commencing construction. The Historic LPISD Colored School Kickoff meeting has been postponed by Harris County Community Service, but will be rescheduled soon. We were denied an additional grant for the National Trust Preservation fund, but this should not impact our ability to get the project listed in the National Trust. Interviews with attendees of the school were recently conducted to gain as much testimony/documentation as possible. The forensics condition assessment should start in about one month.