Executive Committee

  • Chairperson: Clayton Hackett, Southern Ionics
  • Vice Chairperson: Jeff Suggs, Kuraray Elastomers
  • Public Information Officer: Dena Mahan, City of La Porte 
  • LEPC Coordinator & Treasurer: Shelly Simon, City of La Porte/La Porte LEPC
  • Plant Managers Liaison: Anh-Thy Tran, Lubrizol

Standing Committees

  • Public Education & Information Chair: Dena Mahan, City of La Porte
  • Emergency Communications Chair: Kristin Gauthier, City of La Porte
  • Emergency Response and Resources Chair: Richard Bass, Kuraray Elastomers
  • Hazardous Materials Facilities Liaison Chair: Burch Estes, Eurecat
  • Planning Committee Chair: Lance Hardcastle, LyondellBasell 

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Safety Fair Committee Chair: Dena Mahan, City of La Porte
  • Membership Committee Chair: Bill Bower, AkzoNobel
  • Golf Tournament Committee Chair: Robert Eldridge, Kuraray Poval
  • Bylaws Review Committee Chair: Clayton Hackett, Southern Ionics
Charter - Executive Committee