• A woman practicing geting an unconscious man onto a transport board
  • A woman learning how to bandage someone with a head injury with another woman and a teacher
  • A woman bandaging another woman's arm while a fireman teaches them
  • A speaker in front of a class of people with fire extinguishers on the table
  • A man standing up with a long wooden back brace and bandages holding him to the brace
  • A man in front of a class with the projecter with fire suppression information on slides
  • A man holding up his arm while a woman takes his pulse
  • A group of people with green safety vests standing outside at night next to an old, rundown building
  • A group of people outside and a fire in the middle of orange cones
  • A group of people in green safety vests at night helping a person laying on the ground
  • A group of men with green safety vests standing around safety gear
  • 3 people practicing bracing a person on the floor with bandages on his chest and head
  • 3 people in yellow safety vests learning about the different aspects of the firetruck
  • 2 people in green safety vests at night in the grass and a man laying down next to an orange medical transport board
  • 2 men in yellow safety vests and safety gear
  • 2 men bandaging a woman

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