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Working. By the Bay.

Hiring a world class workforce is the foundation of our industry’s success in a global economy.  Outstanding educational opportunities are the most important link in building this workforce.  The La Porte Independent School District has been accredited by the Texas Education Agency as a “Recognized District.”  In addition to its outstanding instructional programs, the district provides a multitude of well-rounded extra-curricular programs, including a number of state and national award winning activities.  A district curriculum that includes advanced technology and instruction is vitally important to our 7,500 students, and to continued growth and development as a community.

  • Texas is a Right-to-Work State
  • 82.6% of La Porte’s work force has 12+ years of schooling
  • 16% of La Porte’s adult work force has 4+ years of college
  • Low unemployment status hovering at 3.7%