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In addition to the information listed below, citizens may contact the City using the Citizen’s Hotline.  Visit the Citizen’s Hotline page for more information.

Department or Service


Email Address

Emergency 9-1-1
City Hall (Click on City Hall for map) 281-471-5020
Airport 281-471-1675 publicworks@laportetx.gov
Animal Control 281-471-3810 police@laportetx.gov
Brookglen Pool 281-930-8033 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Charles Walker Annex 281-470-7545 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Codes 281-471-5020 planning@laportetx.gov
EMS (Non-Emergency) 281-471-9244 ems@laportetx.gov
Evelyn Kennedy Recreation Center 281-470-1489 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Finance Office 281-471-5020 finance@laportetx.gov
Fire Department (Non-Emergency) 281-471-3607 fire@laportetx.gov
Fairmont Pool 281-470-0545 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Fairmont Recreation Center 281-470-1492 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Fire Marshal 281-867-4603 firemarshal@laportetx.gov
Golf Course 281-471-4653 golfcourse@laportetx.gov
Inspections 281-471-5020 planning@laportetx.gov
Jennie Riley Civic Center 281-470-1568 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Job Info Line 281-470-5186 hr@laportetx.gov
Little Cedar Bayou Wave Pool 281-470-1966 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Municipal Court (Traffic Fines) 281-471-4683 court@laportetx.gov
Northwest Pool 281-470-1247 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Parks and Recreation 281-470-7275 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Planning 281-471-5020 planning@laportetx.gov
Police Department (Non-Emergency) 281-471-3811 police@laportetx.gov
Public Works 281-471-9650 publicworks@laportetx.gov
Purchasing (Bids and RFPs) 281-470-5126 purchasing@laportetx.gov
Office of Emergency Management 281-470-0010 OEM@laportetx.gov  
Recreation & Fitness Center 281-470-9891 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Recycling 281-471-9650 publicworks@laportetx.gov
San Jacinto Pool 281-471-4562 parksandrec@laportetx.gov
Senior Services 281-470-9897 seniors@laportetx.gov
Sewer Problems 281-471-9650 publicworks@laportetx.gov
Street Light Out? (CenterPoint Energy) 281-425-7352 CenterPoint Energy
Tax Office (Property Tax Bill) 281-471-5020 tax@laportetx.gov
Water Bill 281-470-1403 utilitybilling@laportetx.gov
Water Leaks 281-471-9650 publicworks@laportetx.gov

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