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San Jacinto Historic District

La Porte is one of 16 communities that make up the San Jacinto Texas Historic District.

Project Stars™ is a collaborative effort that brings together the port region communities of East Harris County (Precinct Two). This effort resulted in a Master Plan utilizing tools such as innovative urban landscaping, unique image enhancement techniques, and strategic economic development focusing on untapped historical resources. This Master Plan was created over a two year period and currently targets enhancements for 26 historic sites on major corridors.

Precinct Two represents nearly one million people living in the most populous county in Texas. Generally located between Houston’s I-45 on the west, Interstate 10 on the north, Galveston Bay on the east, and Clear Lake on the south, the precinct is larger than five states.

The Project Stars Master Plan emerged after conducting analysis, research, benchmarking and gathering community feedback over a two year period. Among the plan’s first goals was the creation of the San Jacinto Historic District. Mission accomplished: it is now the newest and the 5th largest historic district in the state of Texas.

Starting in 2007, the San Jacinto Texas Historic District began implementing a unique master plan that provides permanent displays of colorful historic "Texas size" epic art along major corridors leading to the famous San Jacinto battleground site where in 1836, settlers won a battle that created a nation, and established the Republic of Texas. As you travel through the San Jacinto Texas Historic District, you can now drive alongside giant oil storage tanks adorned with epic art depicting the emotions and trials of the Texas Army’s final approach to the battle that would determine their fate.

The San Jacinto Texas Historic District also recently unveiled a set of Corridor Standards for all participating communities. These standards are the culmination of more than five years of work and the collaboration of 16 communities. The Corridor Standares mark the beginning of the themed beautification of our communities. The Corridor Standards are available online for any interested party to download.

This project will transform our region into one of the world’s most truly unique places--and area that marks its rich historical past while embracing the present and future. Visit the San Jacinto Texas Historic District online for more information.

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