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Complaint Review
  1. All formal complaints are referred to the EMS Chief.

  2. An Administrative Investigation Referral Form is completed by the EMS Chief to initiate a formal complaint and investigation.

  3. A letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint is sent to the complainant by the Asst. EMS Chief.

  4. If the EMS Chief determines in a preliminary review of the facts that possible employee misconduct or wrong doing occurred, an investigation will be initiated.

  5. The Asst. EMS Chief investigates all formal complaints; however, if minor in nature, complaints may be assigned to shift supervisors for investigation. All complaints received are coordinated and processed by the Asst. EMS Chief.

  6. The Asst. EMS Chief will investigate and conduct interviews of the involved subjects and witnesses, and gather all pertinent documentation.

  7. The complainant may be interviewed if necessary, either at EMS Headquarters or at a location mutually agreed upon if desired.

  8. The Asst. EMS Chief shall complete a detailed investigative report. Anyone may submit relevant evidence during the investigation.

  9. The completed investigation is then forwarded to the Administrative Review Board for review.

  10. The Administrative Review Board determines if misconduct or wrong doing has occurred.

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