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Fall Prevention
Our Fall Prevention Program was designed in 2012 to help inform and educate the public on the causes of falls in older adults to include assessments, inspections, and health promotion measures which can be taken to reduce the risk of falls in this age group.

Research has shown that falls are a common cause of injuries, hospitalization, and functional decline among older adults and through multifaceted programs addressing multiple risk factors for falls the frequency can be greatly reduced.

Basic fall prevention for older adults consists of these five (5) simple components:

  • Exercise Programs
  • Medication Management
  • Vision Health
  • Hazard Free Environments
  • Knowing Your Limitations

La Porte EMS goes out into the community and gives presentations on this topic along with informing the public that they can call our EMS Headquarters and schedule a free in-home safety inspection to help reduce the risk of falling.

To schedule a Fall Prevention Presentation for your group or to schedule a free Home Safety Inspection, please e-mail Paramedic Trudy Rayburn or call her at (281) 471-9244.