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Citizen Compliments

To Compliment an Employee of the Police Department

We are proud of the hard work of our employees and the services they deliver. If you would like to make a compliment about a police department employee or express your appreciation of how a situation was handled, you may do so in either of the following ways:

1.) Write a letter

     to the attention of the Chief of Police at

     3001 North 23rd Street

     La Porte, TX.  77571 

2.) Send an e-mail message

     to the Chief of Police at

All compliments, no matter how received, are brought to the attention of the commended employee and a copy of any letter of appreciation is placed in his or her personnel file.

We at the La Porte Police Department value honest appraisals and welcome all forms of feedback from anyone who may have had a positive interaction with one of our employees.