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Criminal Investigation Division Information

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The La Porte Police Criminal Investigation Division (or "CID") is composed of dedicated professionals whose mission is to conduct extensive investigations of criminal activity in our community.

The division is commanded by Lieutenant Tammy McBeath (mcbeatht@laportetx.gov). The CID Secretary is Betsy Bergeron (bergeronb@laportetx.gov). Sergeant Lance Cook (cookl@laportetx.gov) supervises a squad of eight Detectives who have a primary responsibility for follow-up investigations and, in many cases, primary investigations of crimes against persons and property. These range from robbery to murder, fraud to sexual assault, theft or burglary to child abuse. The Detectives currently assigned to CID are: David Huckabee (I.C.A.C. partnership), Danny Jones, Kelly Green, Jeff Kominek, Scott Pullig, Alvin Goonie, Matt Davidson, and one additional vacancy to be filled later in 2014.

Sergeant Doug Ditrich (ditrichd@laportetx.gov) supervises a squad of five Detectives known as the "Street Crimes Unit". These Detectives are assigned to covert operations such as narcotics, vice, and illegal gambling cases. The Detectives also assist CID and Patrol Division when needed. Additionally, the Department has one Detective assigned to the "HIDTA" (Narcotics) Task Force.

CID is also responsible for conducting forensic crime scene investigations and the handling, processing, and storage of evidence and property. The primary Crime Scene Investigator and ID Officer is Rick Hilton (hiltonr@laportetx.gov), and the Property Room Custodian is Wendy Large (largew@laportetx.gov).

CID and the Patrol Division receive valuable support from the Victims Assistance Liaison, Carol Scott (scottcj@laportetx.gov); see related information in reference to Ms. Scott’s position under a separate hot key on this site.

The mission of CID and Street Crimes is as varied and extensive as the longevity and experience of its personnel. While patrol officers refer most cases that are investigated by them to CID for follow up, CID Detectives may also initiate investigations. Should circumstances or department need dictate, detectives may perform patrol functions to augment the Patrol Division. The latest example of this was with Hurricane IKE, when all police department assets were mobilized to protect the city.

Some of the Detectives are TCLEOSE licensed Law Enforcement Trainers, and as such, assist the departments Training Section in conducting classes. They have assisted in the Citizens Police Academy, Police Explorer Program, Uniformed Bicycle Patrol activities, and Firearms Training. Some Detectives are also members of the departments' SWAT Team, Children’s Assessment Center, and Computer Forensic Analysis.