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Public Works

Can I bring my trimmed tree branches to Public Works?
You can bring your tree branches and leaves to Public Works if you cut and bring them yourself. This service is not available for commercial business, tree trimmers, landscapers, and other contractors. Debris from the clearing of property is not accepted, only debris from single-family residences is allowed.

Can you do something about our ditch drainage? The water is not flowing.
Any drainage complaint generates a work order, and any work is scheduled as soon as possible.

Do I need to call a plumber for water leaks / sewer problems or can you send someone out to check it?
If you are unsure of the nature of the problem, contact Public Works first, at 281-471-9650 during regular business hours. For problems at night and during the weekend, call 281-471-2141.

Has my area been sprayed for mosquitoes? When is my area scheduled for spraying again?
Public Works maintains a spraying schedule for the City. It normally takes three full nights to complete a cycle. During an abnormal breakout of mosquitoes, the Public Works Department will spray the entire city twice.

How can I connect / disconnect my water service, or ask about my water bill?
Call the Utility Billing Division at City Hall 281-471-5020

There is a pothole on my street, who can fix it?
Most streets in La Porte are maintained by the City, but a few are maintained by Harris County or Texas Department of Transportation.  Call Public Works at 281-471-9650 to have it taken care of.

There is a street lamp out, who can fix it?
Illumination lamps on LaPorte streets are maintained by Center Point Energy at 713-207-2222.   You will need to get the pole number before calling, its located on the bottom of the pole.

What can I recycle and where do I take it?
The recycling center is on North C Street, at the rear of the Public Works Facility, across from the Fire Department Training Center.  You may bring the following sorted items:
        Corrugated Cardboard
        Magazines and Phone Books
        Tin Cans and Aluminum Cans
        Plastics #1 & #2
        Clear glass and colored glass

What if my garbage or trash didn't get picked up?
If you put your garbage bags or heavy trash out in accordance with the city ordinance, and it was not picked up on the scheduled day, call Public Works.  Guidelines for trash can be found on the Heavy Trash Schedule.

When does my area of town get picked up for Garbage and Heavy Trash? How much can I put out?
The City garbage routes are on Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday based on your location. The heavy trash is mailed out in Decemeber with your utility bill and it is also posted on the website.  Additional schedules are available at City Hall Utility Billing. You can also check the schedule on the Public Works section of the City's website. The maximum amount of heavy trash that can be put out is 10 cubic yards, which is roughly half the size of the heavy trash truck bed.

Why has my ditch not been mowed?
Our mowing cycle takes six weeks to complete. Dependent on the weather, we maintain our schedule as much as possible.