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Emergency Notification

The Cities of La Porte, Morgan's Point and Shoreacres have several means of public notification in the event of a chemical emergency:

Emergency Sirens - These sirens are distributed throughout the cities in such a way that they can be heard in all residential and business areas. In the event of a chemical emergency the sirens will sound (a whooping tone) and residents should shelter-in-place, stay off the phone, and tune radios to AM 830 for more information. The sirens were purchased by the LEPC and are maintained by the cities.

CAER Line - A telephone system that provides information regarding plant activities. The telephone number is 281-476-CAER (2237). The phone line is divided into two sections, emergency messages and non-emergency messages. You will be given the opportunity to choose the section you wish to hear. Remember the CAER line is used to communicate emergency information and non-emergency information such as fire training or alarm testing. If you do not hear the information in the emergency section check the non-emergency information. Perhaps the smoke you see is an area business conducting fire training and not an actual emergency.

Blackboard Connect - Blackboard Connect is the City of La Porte's phone notification system. This system allows the City to contact citizens with important information by phone, email, and text message.

During Hurricane Ike, over 200,000 phone calls, emails, and text messages were sent to the residents of La Porte. Citizens were able to receive continuous updates on the situation in our area.  It is important that you register your cell phone number as well so that, in the event of an evacuation, you will continue to receive updated information.  Click here to register.

Radio Station AM 830 - This is a local emergency radio station maintained by you LEPC. In the event of a chemical emergency, you can tune to AM 830 for information and further instructions. During non-emergency situations, the station broadcasts weather information and public service announcements.

Alert Beacons - These beacons are stationed at all local schools and City buildings. In the event of a shelter-in-place situation, the schools will be notified immediately regarding the situation and given any special instructions that may be necessary.