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Community Events - Submissions

Welcome to the Community Events Page for the City of La Porte!

This space is provided as a service to the La Porte community for posting information about upcoming events and activities in the community.

Please note that this is a public calendar for the La Porte community, and we would like the items posted to reflect a policy of civility and respect. We will not post items that contain offensive language, photographs or links, and we request that your items be free from personal attacks or promotion of individual businesses. We also request that submissions be for events that pertain to the La Porte community, specifically.

All events will be screened by City staff prior to posting, and the City reserves the right to edit event descriptions and/or remove any submissions that are not in keeping with our policy. If you have any questions about the form, please call (281) 470-5013.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for the form to work properly, cookies must be enabled on your Internet browser.

We look forward to learning more about your event! 

Community Events

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