The LEPC is active in the La Porte Independent School District. The LEPC provides Shelter-in-Place training to new teachers each year through LPISD’s new teacher orientation program. This training is also provided to substitute teachers and auxiliary staff. In addition, the LEPC provides Shelter-in-Place education to each elementary school through the Wally Wise Program. We partner with La Porte ISD for many events throughout the year, such as the annual Safety Fair and LEPC drill. This partnership is critical to ensuring preparedness in our schools and providing for the safety of all school-aged children.

Alert Beacons 

These beacons are stationed at all local schools. In the event of a shelter-in-place situation, the schools will be notified immediately regarding the situation and given any special instructions that may be necessary.

If a chemical emergency occurs when your child is at school:
  • When the schools receive notice that "shelter in place" has been declared, school officials quickly respond by sheltering children safely in school buildings.
  • Do not attempt to retrieve you child. School principals are instructed to keep buildings locked and access restricted when a Shelter in Place is in effect.
  • Opening a door to the outside puts you and your child at risk of being exposed to a potentially dangerous chemical emergency.
  • Do not call the school. This ties up phone lines. Listen to emergency radio station AM 830 for instructions.
  • Don’t forget to take care of pets before leaving home.
  • Keep all windows and air vents in the car closed.
  • Use special routes designated by local authorities.

Reminder to Parents

If you have children in school:
  • DO NOT go to the school to pick up your children unless you are told to do so by school officials. If you go to the school, you may be putting yourself, your children and other children in danger by opening the doors to allow you to remove your children from their safe shelter.
  • DO NOT try to call your child’s school. If there is an emergency, phone lines will be needed for official business. Students will be taken into schools and cared for or evacuated by bus to a safe haven.