Shelter in Place

The cities of La Porte, Morgan’s Point, and Shoreacres will notify citizens of a chemical emergency that requires you to go inside to wait for further instructions. Citizens are alerted to shelter in place by the Community Warning System alarm which sounds a "whoop-whoop" tone. Once inside, citizens will be given further instructions as needed through an emergency notification system which calls homes and businesses. 

Some emergencies may not warrant citizens to shelter. For such emergencies which the outside alarm is not sounded, you may access EHCMA’s CAER Online mobile app. Download the app today by searching "EHCMA CAER Online" at the Apple and Google Play stores.

Remember, the outside alarms will be activated only if citizens should shelter inside to await instructions! The following gives more details.

Shelter in Place Videos

For Sheltering in Place, Wally Wise Guy SaysA green and purple cartoon turtle waving

  1. Go Inside. Close all doors and windows. Turn off A/C or heating systems.
  2. Stay Connected. The City will communicate emergency information via phone, social media, website, local media, and the outdoor warning sirens.
  3. Follow instructions from local officials.

Remember, many of the plants in our area test their individual alarm systems each week.  If you hear an alarm that does not sound like the City’s siren system, refer to the Plant Alarm Test Schedule to see if a test is being conducted in your area. 

Safety Instructions are Posted in Parks