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  • 2021 New Patch NO BACKGROUND

LPFD Mission Statement:

 The La Porte Fire Department commits to providing the most efficient and progressive Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, and First Responder programs, in an effective, responsible manner, through training, equipment, and protocols for the firefighters that respond. 

For our Community: 

The safety of the public is of paramount importance, followed closely by the safety of our members, the environment, and property

Vision Statement:

The La Porte Fire Department will strive to safely serve the community and visitors through innovative, collaborative response; honoring tradition, and embracing diversity through continuous, active preparation.

LPFD Core Values:

 It is the responsibility of each member of the LPFD to support this Mission by committing to the following Core Values:


Safety, Honesty, Integrity, and Respect through

 Attitude, Conduct, and Truth

ISO CLASS rating 2

ISO Rating

All fire departments are subject to a rating from the Insurance Services Office or ISO, from 1 as a high to 10 as a low. The City of La Porte received a 2 at their most recent rating – yes, go ahead and applaud, it’s great and we’re proud of it. Here's a little more about ISO ratings, keep that 2 out of 10 in mind as you read it.

The official name for this rating is the Public Protection Classification or PPC, but it’s informally called a fire score. The PPC score is a rating of how efficiently a fire department serves the local community. A low score like ours is an indicator of the efficiency of our firefighters, and that they offer fire safety and prevention courses and community outreach, as well as launching fire investigations through the National Fire Incident Reporting System. Having more fire hydrants with a strong water supply helps lower the ISO, as do regular pump testing, and having adequate equipment and sufficient firefighters. Having a good Dispatch Division, as La Porte does, and strong emergency communications, which we are likewise blessed with, also help. 

But the best thing about a low rating like the 2 that the La Porte Fire Department has is that residents are likely to get lower home insurance rates. That’s something to applaud, so let’s give them another round!