Community Resources

La Porte Fire Department 

"Detect to Protect" Smoke Detector Program

A free smoker detector program where citizens and members of the community can participate in having a smoke detector installed by a skilled La Porte fire engineer and answer any questions concerning your home.  Apartment complexes are not applicable for this program. Click on DETECT TO PROTECT tab for more information. 

Knox Box

The La Porte Fire Department is registered with the Knox Company to participate in the rapid entry system, providing safe and secure nondestructive emergency access to commercial and residential properties. A locked box or Knox box used for securely storing the keys to a gate, building or rooms within a building.  Appropriate fire and fire prevention apparatus are equipped with locking units that are accessed by an individual pin code. Participation minimizes potential budget impacts caused by forcible entry during an emergency and allows a building to be re-secured quickly and easily by the fire department. Click on KNOX BOX for more information.

Public Education

Here at the La Porte Fire Department, we place a great deal of importance of educating and supplying communities, businesses and schools with the proper tools needed for fire safety and fire prevention.  Click on PUBLIC EDUCATION for more information.

Station Tours

Citizens and members of community are able to come visit any of our 4 stations. Click on STATION TOUR for more information.