Political Signs

Campaign signs for the May general election may now be placed publicly until ten days following the election (unless candidates are involved in a runoff election).

Most campaign signs are placed on private property, with the permission of the owner of the property. Some candidates may choose to place campaign signs on City property, as this is not prohibited by the City Code. Candidates and their supporters who place signs on City property must remember that City facilities are there to provide services to citizens and the grounds must be maintained, and should consider placements that are reasonable and respect these requirements.

The City of La Porte does not endorse or oppose any candidate or proposition on the ballot and political signs placed on City property do not indicate any manner of support.

The City Code of Ordinances provides general campaign sign placement guidelines in Section 106-873, which can be found at LaPorteTX.gov/PoliticalSigns.

For polling locations during early voting and on election day, state guidelines require campaign materials and activities to be outside a marked 100’ distance from the polling location entrance.

The City may remove signs placed in the rights-of-way. The City is unlikely to be informed if others remove signs (HOAs, landscaping crews, etc.), from private property, especially windblown signs that have come off their frames.

The Texas Ethics Commission, not the City, provides authority, oversight, and enforcement for issues related to the message content of political signs, not the City. The Texas Department of Transportation governs sign placement on state roadways, as Harris County does for county roads.

Find more election information, including registration, early voting, and ballot by mail guidelines, on the City website at LaPorteTX.gov/Elections or LaPorteTX.gov/Elecciones.