City Secretary's Office

The City of La Porte City Secretary’s Office are Texas Registered Municipal Clerks who administer thorough elections with the highest integrity. Similarly to the Texas Secretary of State, the City Secretary’s Office performs as the secretariat to the Council and takes pride in all job-related functions and responsibilities, while providing premier services.


The mission of the Office of the City Secretary is to record all actions of the City Council, see to the administration City elections, guarantee the authenticity and provide for the safekeeping and retrieval of all official documents, and the City's records management program, and fulfill public information requests. The Office of the City Secretary supports the City's goal of public transparency. Contact our office to arrange any ceremonial or official functions involving the Mayor or members of the Council.

Description of Operations

The Office of City Secretary offers support, assistance, and information to the City Council for the decision making process; preserves City documents so that the Council, City employees, and citizens of La Porte have timely and convenient access to City records and may keep themselves informed; and provides election services to voters and candidates for public involvement in local governance. The City Secretary is one of the officers outlined in the City Charter appointed by and directly reporting to the City Council.

  • Administrative functions and additional responsibilities as requested by the Mayor and City Council or as directed by the City Charter and state law
  • Chief elections officer, overseeing candidates and conduct of City elections
  • Records Management Officer, effecting the City's records schedule for the creation, storage,  imaging, preservation, or purging of  records and maintenance of the City’s historical documents
  • Parliamentarian, advisory role to the Council
  • Public Information Officer for the City with respect to media relations
  • Oversee the Public Information Request process in accordance with state law
  • City Board/Committee/Commission member management and liaison
  • Custody and proper application of the City Seal
  • Member of City’s emergency management team; ICS/NIMS certified
  • Processing of alcoholic beverage license applications, in compliance with the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission
  • Issuance of various additional permits and licenses

The City Secretary's Office serves as a resource for citizens and a link between citizens and the City Council.