EMS Billing is now done through Emergicon.

Who is Emergicon?

Emergicon, LLC, based in Dallas, TX was formed in 2006 to fill a need in the ambulance billing services industry by providing municipalities and private companies with a better solution for processing ambulance claims. 

How will billing work?

Emergicon Emergency Medical Consultants will bill a patient's medical insurance first. The remaining balance, in an itemized bill, will be sent to the patient's responsible party. To discuss your bill, you can call Emergicon Emergency Medical Consultants at 877-602-2060 or 972-602-2060. You can also email them at

If I don't pay my bill, will I be refused EMS?

No, an unpaid balance will not affect requests for future service. Emergicon Emergency Medical Consultants will send an additional invoice to your insurance provider and you for the remaining balance.