Tactical Medical Team

The Tactical Medic’s primary responsibility is to provide medical support to the SWAT operators, which aids in the unit’s continuity and maintains operational effectiveness for successful completion of the tactical operation; as well as care rendered to the civilians and victims involved in the tactical operation. The individuals deemed suspects of alleged crimes are also treated by Tactical Medics.

It has been proven that injured parties stand a much greater chance of survival if they are given immediate medical care.
Our Tactical Medics can provide this immediate care, even in a hot zone.


The Tactical Medic Team is comprised of paramedics who have met the department’s requirements for a position within the unit. The Tactical Medics train monthly, alongside their law enforcement counterparts, as the team hones the skills necessary to perform as a unified tactical element. In addition to their medical responsibilities, the Tactical Medics train in all aspects of a tactical operation including:
  • Cuffing and security techniques
  • Defense tactics
  • Less lethal tactics
  • Team movements
  • Weapon familiarization
Tactical Medics are held to the same physical fitness standards as the law enforcement operators. Our Tactical Medics have gone through extensive training and schools to reach their high level of proficiency.

Our Tactical Medics are dedicated and committed to rendering aid and saving lives even under the most adverse and dangerous conditions.


  • Kelly Lathrem, Assistant  Chief 
  • William Miller, Captain


View photos of the Tactical Medic Team at work.

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