Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide services to citizens in a fair, consistent, cost-effective, courteous and organized manner. To provide citizens, management and council with accurate and useful financial information in a timely manner.

The Finance Department is responsible for effectively administering the City’s financial operations and fulfilling the duty to be publicly accountable in a democratic society. This includes establishing and improving accounting, budgeting and financial reporting standards. The department controls the collection and disbursement of funds and provides for their protection and investment. Maximum use of funds will be handled by timely collections and proper disbursement to obtain full use of investments. Through tax collections, revenue collection and other financial activities, the Finance Department handles approximately $60,000,000 annually.

The Finance Department is responsible for reading more than 10,000 water meters in the city, and submitting monthly bills for payment.

Accounting Division
The Accounting Division is responsible for disbursing the City's funds to vendors, to contractors, to other governmental agencies, and to employees. The City's fiscal year is October 1st through September 30th.