Patrol Division

Faces of the Department 2023

The La Porte Police Patrol Division is the largest division of the Police Department and functions under the command of Assistant Chief Bennie Boles. As the first responders in most cases, the Patrol Division responds to over 30,000 calls for service annually.

Also included in the Patrol Division are eight Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (C.V.E.)/Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) officers certified in commercial vehicle inspections and two traffic enforcement officers.

Division Responsibilities
The Patrol Division is on duty 24/7, 365 days per year. The division has many responsibilities which include enforcement of all federal, state, traffic, and local laws, as well as the enforcement of various municipal ordinances.
The division also answers requests for service from citizens such as checking out suspicious activity or responding when life, health, or property is threatened. As an additional oversight responsibility, the Patrol Division monitors jail operations and the 5 members assigned as Public Safety Jail Attendants.

City Interaction
Patrol is the most visible part of the Police Department and has the most contact with the citizens. Although issuing tickets and filing charges is part of their job, they also assist when a child is missing or someone is injured in an automobile accident. The Patrol Division exists to serve and protect and its members take pride in the fact that the City of La Porte has a well-trained and professional Police Department.