Fitness Center & Classes

The Recreation Fitness Center offers year-round classes for our members and nonmembers who enjoy different levels of cardiovascular workouts. We have a walk-in fee available for each class, if you would like to try a class before joining for an entire session. For more information about the Recreation & Fitness Center, please visit our facility page.
  1. RFC Orientation
  2. Jazzercise
  3. Water Aerobics
  4. Pickup Volleyball & Pickleball
  5. Camp Gladiator
  6. fitPAC Studios

RFC Weight & Cardio Room Orientation

Are you unfamiliar with the weight and cardio equipment? If so, we'd like to invite you to join us for an equipment orientation where you'll learn how to use each piece of equipment we have to offer. 
Call the Recreation & Fitness Center at 281-470-9891 to set up a time.