Stop Signs

Criteria for Stop Signs

Requests for stop signs will be evaluated under the authority of the City of La Porte Code of Ordinances Chapter 70, Article III, Section 70-72, and according to the criteria established in the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The warrants are:

  • Intersection of a less important road with a main road where application of the right-of-way rule is unduly hazardous
  • Stop signs are to be installed on the minor street with the lesser traffic flow
  • Street entering a through highway or street
  • Unsignalized intersection in a signalized area

Requests for multi-way stop signs must also meet the following criteria:

  • Vehicular traffic must average at least 500 vehicles per hour for any 8 hours from all approaches
  • A traffic count may be necessary to evaluate the feasibility of the request

Request a Stop Sign

If you believe a street intersection needs a stop sign or should be a multi-way stop, you can contact either the Public Works Department or the Police Department. The investigation is done by scheduling a traffic count of all approaches to determine the number of vehicles in each direction. If the intersection meets the minimum criteria, a stop sign will be installed. A newly installed stop sign must be covered for a minimum of 72 hours to familiarize the public with the installation.