Mosquito Control

The mosquito season typically runs from April to October depending on the severity of the winter. After mild winters, the season may last all year. The City of La Porte uses the following methods to attempt to control the mosquito population:

  • Night fogging
  • Larviciding of ditches
  • Briquettes in ditches and detention ponds

Mosquito Control Chemicals

The City of La Porte uses only mosquito control chemicals that have been tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. No chemicals are used which have proven to be damaging to either public health or the environment. The City of La Porte mosquito control operators are licensed Pest Control Applicators through the Texas Department of Agriculture and must annually update their training in order to retain their licenses.

While the City utilizes an ultra-low volume of pesticide chemicals in the spray, residents who may be concerned about the potential effects of pesticides may consider desire the following steps on the evening of scheduled spraying:

  • Don’t let children play behind or near the truck-mounted applications as they are operating
  • Close windows
  • Remove shoes and/or wipe pet paws before entering home to avoid tracking residue
  • Store toys inside

If you have any questions concerning the chemicals used in this program, desire to have a copy of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS), have questions about the program, or have a complaint, please contact the Public Works Department

Mosquito Spray Alerts

Public Works utilizes the City's phone notification system to notify residents prior to spraying. You may register online. If you need assistance with the registration, contact the La Porte Office of Emergency Management.

Sign up for phone notifications from the City of La Porte with AlertLP

Other Control Measures

Spraying is not the only measure taken in a comprehensive mosquito control program. During the day, the ditches of the city are sprayed with a chemical and oil mixture to kill mosquito larvae before they mature. Also, chemical briquettes are placed in some ditches to provide long-term control of larvae. Each citizen can help in the control of mosquitoes by taking the following measures:

  • Get rid of standing water on your property where mosquitoes might breed.
  • Properly dispose of tires, cans, flowerpots, etc.
  • Keep gutters clean and freely flowing. Standing water in gutters can breed mosquitoes.
  • Keep swimming pools, spas, and fountains properly treated with chemicals.