Citizen's Police Academy

The La Porte Citizens Police Academy is a community awareness program. The academy is scheduled for 13 to 14 consecutive Tuesday nights, from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Our mission is to bring the police and the community closer together by educating each other for the ultimate goal of a safer place to live and/or work.

Academy Classes

For information regarding the next available course, please contact:

Officer Rene Hernandez at 281-842-3126 or email

The department strives for 2 academies a year. The classes are taught by the City of La Porte Police Department employees. Most are certified police officers of various ranks; others are civilian employees in the specialty fields that will be covered during the training sessions. The classes do have some hands-on type of training, as well as demonstrations and instructional. The actual topics that will be covered are disclosed on the first night. There will be 15 areas of the police department involved. We also encourage citizen input as to expectations and concerns good or bad.

Advanced Classes

For information regarding the next available course, please contact:

Officer Rene Hernandez at 281-842-3126 or email

There is occasionally an advanced class offered upon completion of the basic CPA, depending on graduate/participant response. Advanced classes are scheduled within similar time frames, but are ultimately finalized according to the specific participant and staff needs at that time. The advanced class is typically one night a week for 8 - 10 weeks. These classes offer a more in-depth look at our special divisions and how we can utilize the information to assist law enforcement as well as benefit our day to day lives.

Each class has a graduation ceremony on the last night. Certificates and awards are given to each participant. There is no charge for either class. All class materials will be issued notebooks, paper, pens, handouts, etc.

Application & Requirements

A short entrance application will need to be completed prior to the first night. Fill out the Citizen's Police Academy Application (PDF) if interested.

The requirements are very basic. Participants/students must be at least 18 years of age with a clear criminal history, meaning no convictions of any felony charge, not currently on probation, bond, or wanted list. A modified background check will be conducted. To be recognized as a graduate, with no more than 4 classes can be missed and no more than 3 of the advanced class. We ask that all participants either live or work in the city but exceptions have been made.

The previous graduating classes have formed the La Porte Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association. Any person graduating from the basic academy is eligible. There is no requirement to join the association.