Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is exactly that, watching over your own neighborhood and assisting the police as additional eyes and ears, reporting unusual activity to the police. You should know more about what is going on in your neighborhood than anyone else.

This is not a "patrol your neighborhood" program, nor is it a program that takes hours of time to do.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
La Porte Neighborhood Watch asks that you take one minute as you walk out to or from your car to look around and look for those things that look out of place, dangerous, or unusual. We urge you to talk to your neighbors, to know what is unusual or different at their home. Your neighbors can also watch for problems at your home. Many other opportunities can come from being a better neighbor.

Advocating Safety
The La Porte Police Department P.A.R. Officers can instruct any La Porte organization or resident how to deter crime in their own neighborhood or business. Your safety begins in your own home. The right type of doors, windows, and proper locking devices may improve the security of your home and make you eligible for insurance discounts. Insurance discounts for monitored alarm systems are also available.

Or, if you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch Program on your street, contact the Criminal Investigations Division of the La Porte Police Department.