Bicycle Locks

The owner should purchase and use a high-quality "U-Lock" Bicycle Lock. Purchase and use a heavy duty, case hardened coated or covered chain with a high-security padlock. Secure the bicycle frame and both wheels to an immovable object, preferably a good quality bicycle rack. The lock should not be near the ground.

Take up as much open space within the U-portion of the lock as possible. If a U-Lock has a keyway at the end of the crossbar, position the lock with its keyway end facing down towards the ground (i makes it more difficult for the thief).

Safety Tips & Important Information
  • Bolt cutters will cut most chains and cables.
  • For some U-Locks, leveraging devices can be inserted into the excess space, and the lock can be snapped open.
  • A long pipe can be placed over the locking mechanism to pry the lock open.
  • U-Locks can be broken by inserting a scissors-style car jack inside the U and cranking.
  • Freon and some other super cold substances have been blamed for some bike thefts, but in reality this probably occurs infrequently.
  • Park bikes in conspicuous, well-lighted places.
  • If you park near other bikes, the chances are thieves will take bikes with the least secure locks.
  • Personalize the bicycle to make it less attractive to a would-be thief and easy to identify if recovered
  • Engrave an identification number on the bike.
  • Engrave on the underside of the frame's diagonal bar near the crank housing.
  • Engrave each wheel near the valve stem, the crank, derailleur, front forks, etc.
  • Marking should be placed where they can be seen standing on the right side of the bicycle.
  • Use fingernail polish to help prevent rusting or deterioration.
  • Register the bicycle with either a local law enforcement agency or National Bike Registry.
  • Owner should make sure their bicycle is covered by their (or their families') homeowner's insurance.
Bicycle Racks & Lockers
  • One style frequently used is the "Sidewinder".
  • This rack is constructed of 2 3/8" structural steel tubing.
  • They have both galvanized steel or powder coat finish.
  • They are available in 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13-bike capacity models for either below ground or surface installation.
  • Another preferred bike rack is the Cora Bike Rack: Cora Bike Rack, Inc. This bike rack allows for the locking of the wheels and frame while supporting the bicycle frame.
  • Some colleges and universities provide bicycle storage lockers. Such lockers are usually rented to students.