Child Safe Gun Locks

Project Child Safe
Project Child Safe is a program to help ensure safe and responsible firearms ownership and storage. Project Child Safe is designed to reduce the risk of firearms accidents in the home and, in particular, to help safeguard children from suffering a tragic injury because of an improperly stored firearm.

Lock Distribution

Project Child Safe, which is funded through a grant from the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, has distributed 750,000 gun lock safety kits to law enforcement agencies throughout the state. As part of the program, the La Porte Police Department will distribute, free of charge, gun safety kits and 2,000 cable lock devices to community members that request them. The lock, which works like a bicycle cable lock, is threaded through the firearms action, rendering the firearm inoperable. The locks, in combination with the accompanying educational materials, are intended to promote safe handling and secure storage practices among all firearms owners.

These locks can be used on most types of firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Local residents are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to pick up free gun locks and use them to secure their firearms.

The free locks and safety pamphlets (in English or Spanish), which are being provided by Project Child Safe, are available for distribution at the La Porte Police Department. Picture identification as proof of residence will be required to receive 2 free gun locking devices.

Contact a P.A.R. Officer at the La Porte Police Department for more details or to obtain your free gun lock(s).